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The world needs more products from concentrate.


Cocovibe is pure, natural coconut water, without the environmental damage that results from transporting exotic packaged beverages long distances. It takes a lot of fossil fuel to ship bottles and boxes of coconut water from one continent to another—not to mention state to state. Our coconut water concentrate system is the innovation that enables us to eliminate packaging, slash carbon emissions, promote reusables and reduce packaging waste.


One package of Cocovibe eliminates 260 bottles, boxes or cans.


260 packages down to one. That’s a lot less plastic bottles, plastic caps and plastic-lined boxes; and a lot less ships and trucks moving goods from far-away lands; and a lot less energy and transportation to dispose of your container when you’re done with it.

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Reusables cost everyone less.


When you fill a reusable water bottle, glass or growler with Cocovibe, you generate zero packaging waste. Not less packaging. Zero. Onto our streets and roadsides; into our rivers, oceans and landfills. Reusables also lower the costs of goods for businesses, institutions and consumers.

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Zero food waste is a global requirement.


100% of our coconut water is responsibly sourced in Southeast Asia. We harvest only mature coconuts, so all the coconut meat can be used for food and all the husks can be reused for fertilizer. The world’s food supply is under great pressure. Please make a difference however you can.

Coconut water just the way you like it.


Cocovibe lets you select and customize the type of coconut water you love most; choose from natural, pineapple, watermelon, sparkling, sweetened, unsweetened. Our fountain pours 12 delicious styles and flavors.

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Our nutritional story is equally positive.


Unlike other natural juices, the health components of coconut water are not diminished during the concentrate process. The electrolytes (potassium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, sodium) in Cocovibe are at similar levels as packaged coconut water “not from concentrate,” and we have less carbs, less sugar and less calories than any other packaged brand.

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Cocovibe is 100% pure, natural coconut water made from concentrate, with no artificial ingredients and preservatives. We are also Kosher and Non-GMO. We urge you to grab any other brand and compare which coconut water is healthiest for you.

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